People and the environment are at the heart of our actions.

Those who produce or trade foodstuffs bear special responsibility for people and the environment. We are happy to face this task and work day in day out on making production as resource-saving as possible and to improve social standards.

Accepting social responsibility.

In food production, people work for people. In the selection of our suppliers and in our daily cooperation with them, we therefore always also aim at achieving sustainable improvements in work conditions on site and in social standards. This also applies to our motivated employees, who identify with our corporate objectives and our high quality expectations.

Thinking and acting sustainably.

Environmentally-friendly production and efficient supply chains provide optimal conditions for saving and conserving precious resources. We are therefore constantly pursuing the objective of optimising production and logistics processes in collaboration with our partners. For this, it is necessary to implement lots of small measures, which in total have a major effect. We work on this every day.